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Colleen Dunseth   MS, NTP, CHT
I am a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Colon Hydrotherapist.  I received my colonic certiication in October of 2000.
During my first 2 years working as a Colon Hydrotherapist, I received a Masters in Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health and Certification in Clinical Nutrition from the Nutritional Therapy Association. 
My greatest passion is to provide education, choice and empowerment in the areas of nutrition and lifestyle.   I was in private practice in Olympia, Washington for over 12 years with clients nationwide, relocating to Durango in 2012,  While my work as a colon therapist was perhaps the best training I had as a practitioner, it was my work as an instructor with the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA)  training professional nutritionists nationwide that truly fed my soul. 
I then had the great good fortune to work with Tony Robbins implementing colonics for his cleansing retreats in Europe. HA!  Who knew that the Scottish had their own language! These experiences allowed not only incredible professional growth, but huge personal growth as well.  I learned something so matter where in the world one comes from...people want to do the right thing not only for their own health and well being, but that of  others as well.  As we know well, this is based on available information and resources.  And so our work continues....
My focus is to aide you in interpreting the messages your body is constantly providing to inform you of its needs, and to help provide solutions to regain and maintain
Listening Techniques  
Functional Testing, Energetic Testing ( Kinesiology, ZYTO Scan ), Salivary and Serum Test interpretation and Dietary Analysis to determine blocks that may be preventing optimal health.  Physiological imbalances, food sensitivities, emotional blocks and metabolic stagnation are some of the underlying causes that may be identified.
Supportive Modalities 
Dietary Therapy, Colonics and other cleansing therapies, Supplemental Support, Emotional Clearing , may be utilized to help the body regain Dynamic Balance.

providing sound choices for healthier lives

"Let them eat cake"​

- Marie Antoinette