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GT's    Living Kefirs and Yogurt

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Ok, I'm just gonna come right out with it.  This is fermentation perfection.  The Veggikefir is the brine that is produced from fermenting veggies.  Its is a great choice for those who do not care for the actual fermented vegetable or whose guts are too sensitive to handle the veggies themselves.  There are currently EIGHT different flavors to choose from and they are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!

COCOYO....AHHHH.....This may well be the most delicious thing i have ever eaten.  Really?  YES, REALLY.  It is not only a taste sensation, but a visual and textural one too! This is the first time, that i am aware of, that a product like this has ever survived shipping without breaking the glass fairly consistently.  This is a fermented young coconut milk product that is sooo alive  with cultures that the pressure produced by the fermenting bacteria often causes the glass containers to break.  Think the salsa fresca in a plastic container that you forgot about in the frig. That plastic top is now a dome and has turned into a unintentional science experiement!  These cultured delights come in thick glass containers, and you'd better be prepared  for a slow volcanic eruption when you open the top!