Bring your supplements in for a 

Are you:

  • ​Concerned that you may not be getting all of the nutrients you need?
  • Breaking your piggy bank on the "Nutrient Du Jour" ?
  • Confused by labels and ingredients?
  • Do you have a bag full of product and wonder which ( if ANY ) might acutally be helping?  Or even HURTING YOU?
  • Wondering what the proper dosage is for you?  
Make the most of what you already have and  hone your protocol to those remedies that are actually BENEFITING YOU!







30 minutes

Blood Nutrition Analysis

Breaking the Code

Ever wonder what all those numbers on your blood test mean? Well, your doctor uses them to diagnose a "disease".  But how often are our numbers actually in the "diagnosable" range?

 What if we could catch imbalances BEFORE they turn to a disease?  

Email or bring in your most recent Blood Test, or order one , and find out what a plethora of information is hiding in those numbers.  Information  that you can really use to regain health rather than manage disease!



view a test report here


The Blood Chemistry Analysis is a functional and integrative program originally developed by Harry Eidenier, Jr., Ph.D., a biochemist, scientist and researcher who has done extensive research in the area of nutrition and the analysis of blood chemistry.

The Blood Chemistry Analysis evaluates your metabolic status with a focus on balancing your body chemistry utilizing nutrition.






Bring us your blood work, we will input your numbers
and send you home with a full color copy that you share with any practitioner/doctor and keep for your records.

see "view test report" above




You will receive detailed reports indicating imbalances in your nutrition, an interpretation of your blood work, and a personalized supplement protocol based on your unique biochemistry.