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Physicians Protocol

Use as a non-laxative prep for colon viewing procedures such as:

​Colonoscopy - Sigmoidoscopy - Barium Enema





The following protocols for using Colon Hydrotherapy as a preparation may be considered after consulting your physician.

Colonoscopy / Sigmoidoscopy

Receive a minimum of two colon hydrotherapy sessions on consecutive days just prior to colonoscopy.
Consume only a clear liquid diet beginning the day before the colonoscopy and continue 
after the colonoscopy procedure is complete.

Colon Hydrotherapy session on day one.
Colon Hydrotherapy session on day two.
ˇColonoscopy/Sigmoidoscopy on day two shortly after second session


*  For people that are frequently or acutely constipated (have less than one bowel movement a day) a third colon hydrotherapy session prior to the colonoscopy is required for a thorough preparation.​

Barium Enema

​Clear liquid diet beginning day one and continue until after procedure
Colon Hydrotherapy session on day one
Colon Hydrotherapy session on day two
ˇBarium Enema on day two shortly after second session
Colon Hydrotherapy session immediately following the procedure
Colon Hydrotherapy session day after procedure


In the case of barium enema - a minimum of two additional Colon Hydrotherapy sessions on consequetive days following the barium are indicated. There have been numerous reports of Barium left inside colon for twenty and thirty years after - only to be released after several Colon Hydrotherapy sessions!
Application of Colon Hydrotherapy immediately following the barium
enema would effectively cleanse the barium solution from the large intestine and minimize the discomfort to the patient as a result of the retained barium