Medical Professionals

Over the last 20 years, i have been asked MANY questions about Colon Hydrotherapy by Medical Professionals.  I thought it might be time to make this process easier for all of us!  So here are some of the most common questions that I get.  Perhaps this will be helpful for clients as well !  

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Here we go!

Q:  Is it out of the scope of practice for unlicensed practitioners to be giving colonics?

A:  Yes and No, depending on what type of equipment the Colon Therapist is using.  There is a law prohibiting any unlicensed practitioner to perform any bodily insertion.  Licensed practitioners inlclude Medical Doctors, Osteopathic Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and in a state by state situation Naturopathic Physicians and Accupuncturists and others.  Up until the mid 1990's, all colonic equipment used speculums that needed to be inserted by the practitioner.  In 1996 or so, the LIBBE hit the scene.  In this case, and in one or two other designs since, the client performs the insertion of the speculum after specific instruction from the practitioner.  Along with this feature, the LIBBE has many other design features that have made it the industry standard and increased the popularity of colonics across the western world.  Comfort, sanitation and privacy are among the highlights.  

Q:  What type of professional training is required to become a Colon     Hydrotherapist?

A:  Technically, NONE. However, several of the manufacturers of colonic equipment have developed various training programs for their particular equipment before someone can purchase it  The largest and most encompassing of such training programs is I-ACT, the International Association of Colonhydrotherapy.  This organization is very comprehensive and was developed by the people who manufacture the LIBBE. .  Many hydrotherapists take this training whether nor not they use the LIBBE because it is the most comprehensive available.  There are 4 levels of training offered.  The Foundation Level course is a 100 hour course over 12 days.  You may see an overview of my training by clicking the "About" tab above.  Click here for information on I-ACT training...  https://www.i-act.org/training.

Q: Why not just use laxatives or the colonoscopy clean out product

"Go Lightly" to flush the colon?

A:  Those of you who have ever had a colonoscopy will understand this.  The reason that Go Lightly and other laxatives work is that they are creating a STRESS in the gut.  Basically, the brain registers this stressor and signals an all system alert to "DUMP THE LOAD"!  The body then pulls water into the colon from other areas of the body and stimulates peristalsis to FIRE the stressor out of the body ASAP.  This produces the watery loose stools ( from all the water) and cramping ( caused from the hyper perastalic action of the colon musculature).  This is the same bodily process that occurs in "irritable bowel", food poisioning and acute intestinal pathogenic infections like bacterial, viral and parasitic infections where there is watery diarrhea and cramping.    During a colonic, there is a gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the colon, loosening and softening the stool through hydration, and in the case of the LIBBE in particular, the body is allowed to release the hydrated stool when it is ready.  Think of a baked on, caked on lasagna pan.  In order to get the gunk off...we add water and let it soak.  Eventually the water turns color and finally the gunk releases from the pan and can be washed away.  In other words, colonic irrigation is far less stressful to the body AND to the client/patient.  In fact, gravity fed systems like the LIBBE can be used therapeutically to help with atonic bowel caused often by the overuse of laxitives.  Because the body is not being forced to perform a certain function but rather can release in it's own time, these types of colonics and enemas are like taking your colon to the gym.


Q:  Why don't Medical Doctors offer them if they are so beneficial?

A:  Sadly, this therapy has gone the same way as so many safe and effective natural therapies over the last 150 years or so in favor of more profitable ones.  Another story another time.  Colonics, as well as Coffee Enema therapies could be found in the Merck Manual until the 1970's.  Both were consequently removed with the rise in sales and availability of prescription laxatives, antacids and other drugs targeting the gut.  Up until the late 1940's, there was an enema bag in every doctor's office and alongside every hospital bed.    Today, it seems that use of the term "preventive" by the western medical establishment means preventing death rather than preventing the disease process itself.  While western medicine is so highly effective in emergency medicine, (it has saved my life on more than one occasion!), the actual prevention disease is not defined in their scope of practice.  Diagnosing and treating disease is.  

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