Combine and Save


Food Intolerance Sca

with the purchase of any single Colon Therapy Session or package.

Tools for a 
Keener Perspective


​The entire scan takes less than 5 minutes, and includes a 15 minute interpretation with rcommendations.






your supplement protocol !

Are you:

  • ​Concerned that you may not be getting all of the nutrients you need?
  • Breaking your piggy bank on the "Nutrient Du Jour" ?
  • Confused by labels and ingredients?
  • Do you have a bag full of product and wonder which ( if ANY ) might acutally be helping?  Or even HURTING YOU?
  • Wondering what the proper dosage is for you?  
Make the most of what you already have and  hone your protoxol to those remedies that are actually BENEFITING YOU!